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I tried it free for a week but it didn't stop a single call so I won't be subscribing.

Nice app but problem with verizon voicemails.

Blocked too many calls

Not worth the trouble, it blocks too many calls!

Consistently getting spam calls

August 20th was the last time robokiller worked to block a call. I have received so many since then.

This is what we all need !!!

They will definitely get the message and hopefully prosecuted. When you let them know you do not want or have the time for this nonsense or treachery. You let them know that you matter. Amen 🙏🏽


Not good. Misses robo calls and identifies calls from friends as potential robo calls. Has caught only a few legit robo calls in first 10 days. Cancelling.

Too many nusiance calls getting through

Not pleased. Getting too many calls

Not impressed

This app is useless against spam calls that are recorded which is most spam calls these days. It blocked just one of those and recorded it along with the robot talking to it. It missed 3 today. Not worth the money.


I love this!! My robo calls are GONE now!!! Bot intercepts and I am free of the harassment!! Well worth the annual fee!!

Great App

So helpful not to answer all those spam calls and oh so funny🤣

Robokiller is a SCAM!!

I was getting 20 or more scam calls a day, so I signed up with Robokiller. It would detect and block maybe 2-3 of this 20+ calls... So it wasn’t working. By day 5 of my 7 day trial I was ready to delete the app.... could not figure out HOW to cancel my trial or contact them to talk to a human. So I contacted my bank to tell them NOT to allow the charge to go through. Well not only did they already charge my account BEFORE the trial period was up... But they charged it $69.99... TWICE!!!! What sounded like a wonderful app to deflect scammers turned into a NIGHTMARE and Robokiller is the Scammer!!!!

A lot of hype, little technology, aggressive marketing

Sheesh, the reviews made it sound so great. In reality, it seems the only calls are blocked were those not in my contacts. I was not impressed what the results from the recorded calls. They weren’t convincing enough to fool anybody - just confusing. One week is just not enough to adequately evaluate this. Due to the confusing registration process, I had signed up for one year at $90. It was quite clear the cancellation policy does not allow prorated billing, meaning I would’ve been on the hook for the whole $90 even though I was not satisfied. In my experience, all reputable companies will prorate based on unused service. I have to conclude that their unwillingness to prorate for unused service is a mark of unsound business model -they have to trap customers because the product is not good enough to retain them. At least they were honest enough upfront to make it clear about their policy-no refunds-thus the second star. $90 per year for this? That is crazy!

Blocked numbers

Hi almost to the end of my free trail, and definitely will be renewing, how do I block the calls from showing up on my calls received, I don’t want to know who’s being blocked I just want them to be blocked. Thank you sincerely cMs Jones


Cost money but ask for ur number first do they can start calling themselves

So so

It does block calls but the crowd sourced spam reporting leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t think this is worth the subscription money I spent on it. Hopefully they get their act together before my year is up. Until the latest update there was no way to report back a spam/robot number. This means that you could block the call on your phone but you won’t be helping other people out and vise-versa. The new spam reporting feature leaves a lot to be desired, instead intuitive, and the recent calls list in the app is months old. You also have to give permissions to the app again after every update so it is constantly dropping protection.

I wish this app was made a decade ago !

When ever cell phones started getting spam calls. It would have been awesome to have. I works like it says it does and I laugh my butt off sometimes listening to the recorded calls. For 20 minutes a scammer thought he was hearing a baby being delivered. Can't believe he waited that long. Most of them are automated bots that call from spammers but sometimes humans get on the phone and start talking to my bots.

I love this app

So glad I got this app! As a business owner my phone rings like crazy from spam. Time is money and I don’t have time to answer calls that arnt making me money.

Love this app

Love this app. Had my cousin load it onto the phone of our 93 yr. old aunt. Have also recommended on Twitter. Also love the bots.



Per month charge

What joke. Per month charge but don’t tell you that till you get all the way set up.

Horrible — I’m thinking this is a scam itself

Can’t get the RoboKiller to answer no-caller-ID calls. I’ve had the service for almost a week and so far nothing shows up in the “recent calls blocked” history. I’m worried because I’ve had to give them my phone number and confirm it. What revenue are they making off my information, and did they add me to some OTHER marketing lists? Worst part, I can’t get ahold of their customer service no matter how I try.

Best revenge

I’m very happy with how this app blocks and irritates those who have been harassing me. It’s sad that we have to pay for others abuse.

Great at first...

I loved RoboKiller for the first nine months of my membership. For some reason it stopped working for the last three. Very disappointed.

Doesn't really work

Hasn't caught any crap calls in a month in spite of many obvious ones. Doesn't work with Wi-Fi calling on the Sprint network. Waste of money.

Costs money

It costs money to use this app.

Complete Scam

Sure the app intercepts unwanted calls, but you’ll also start to see a huge increase in the number of calls you receive. Before installing the app, it was easy to identify fake calls as they would typically start with the same six digits as my number or at least come from the same area code. I now receive calls from all over the place. Be prepared to spend $30 to make it seem like you are being saved. One star for the idea behind this scam.

Zero Stars

This app went from being amazing to useless in a year and a half. It does not block anything. I have to decline calls in order for RoboKiller to pick them up and then I have to tell it to block them. Now it has caused a problem with my contacts. Apple support got rid of the app for me and I say good riddance. I hung in there hoping, but finally called it quits. Don’t waste your money.

Loving the service!

This is the best service for blocking spam calls! Makes my day listening to the recordings. Finally a way to make my phone service a much nicer experience.

Killer app

Robert killer seems to be doing its job well

Two days. And no calls from telemarking or spam

My battery is draining fast. I didn’t have this problem until I downloaded RoboKiller. first 2 days I had no telemarking calls. No scammers calling. Only people In my Contacts. I have always blocked unwanted calls but still got them from a different phone number. Now i get none. I bought the yearly membership for $29

Spam calls

Excellent app I wish we could have a law to stop all robot calls.

Great App

Best way to see EXACTLY who is calling and cut them off before they try their tricks!!! Love love LOVE this app!!!

Drains my battery and stops calls from clients

I have tried about a dozen times to deactivate my phone and the app won’t let me. It answers my calls even though I am declining them. Don’t get locked into RoboKiller until they give you options. My battery is draining 25% after 4 hours of no activity other than RoboKiller. The background activity is leaving me without a phone by the end of the day.

App won’t open, but still working in the background.

Oct. 21,2018 I’ve had this app for a few months. After one of the recent iOs updates, the app stays stuck in the “Start Setup” screen. The screen that dials a “special number”. Well, I paid for the subscription anyway. In my phone notifications, I’m getting notified thay calls are being blocked. I just can’t open the app. Go figure.

RoboKiller is awesome

Been using this app for a couple weeks and now not getting those pesty calls!! Wish there was an app to block those pesty emails!!

Voicemail gone AT&T

What did you guys change in this app? I had to stop using it because I lost my voicemail on AT&T

Robocall makes it hard to cancel.

I tried it for the free week trial. Then decided I didn’t need it. Got stuck with the bill because robocall doesn’t make it easy to cancel service.

Not buying it

It free but you have to pay every month for it that a rip off for app to block calls


I love this app. Have a question why do I get messages from time to time saying that it’s being disabled from my devices

I can’t remove the app?



I wanted to use the free trial version so I downloaded the application to my phone. After it says if you want to purchase the application you can and the free trial ends. Well, that didn’t only happen to me but 4 others with the same issues of being charged without authorization to our Apple Accounts. As a result of this application, I CANNOT DO MY APPLICATION UPDATES because it takes me to my billing account. This is my main issue why I DO NOT TRUST free trial applications in the first place but this one caught my attention with the positive reviews. My gut feeling was telling me ”if something sounds to good to be true, it is”. There is no support contact information (correction - HUMAN CONTACT) to help with the issue. My next option is Apple CS to help me with UNAUTHORIZED PAYMENT! I have not experienced anything so frustrating and will no longer believe positive reviews.

I don’t want this

Please return my funds I did not agree to purchase a app for 30 dollars


I downloaded the app on recommendation from an online write up ...the price had almost doubled since the article was written.. during my free trial I had two robo calls neither were blocked so I had to report the numbers .. no point paying for something that was no help so I will not continue.. I will just continue to block them one number at a time

Very cool

My daily spam calls have decreased from 10 a day to 5. I am hoping it will decrease to 1 or less soon

Trial turned into billed year subscription

I wanted a trial that never worked right, wasn't going to order, but was then billed for a whole year on my debit card! Then I read they do not do refunds! What? I never even ordered this subscription and now stuck giving away my hard earned money whether I'm happy or not!! Do not recommend!!! 😡😡😡 not happy and no phone number to call a human. D---

No more spam

I have been receiving robo calls from someone trying to sell health insurance to me 3 to 4 times a day. Tried the AT&T app and all I could do is block the individual numbers. I had enough one day and tried the free trial. Day 1: one call made it through and from then on no more spam calls have gotten through. And I have to say it’s Hilarious listening to my bots from this app talking to the telemarketers. “Hello” bot being one of my favorites. Sadly my scammer/spamming/telemarketing calls have stopped for the last four days so I haven’t been able to listen to any more calls :( Just one thing for RoboKiller developers— if you could make your answering bots talk for one minute instead of 30 to 45 seconds I would have more entertainment to share with family and friends. Thanks.


The problem I had it was blocking calls from family and friends. That is not good for me.


I do not recommend, I am unable to remove call forwarding, or the app icon from my iOS device! I will be going to Apple to assist removal. I have missed actual valid calls because of this app!

One day using and phone is quite!!

All I can say is that I’m very happy with this it’s worth the money to me now I know when my phone rings it’s someone that I want to talk to and that’s priceless!! Since I’m a female I’m using all male voices to block calls amazing.


I love this service!!! I will be continually using it. Thank you very much!! 👍

Works great most of the time

It saves me 5-10 BS calls a day. And it’s often amusing to hear the idiot spammers talk to the fake recordings.

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