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I tried it free for a week but it didn't stop a single call so I won't be subscribing.

Nice app but problem with verizon voicemails.


Best thing since sliced bread and peanut butter. My spam calls have dropped 97%. Awesome

What Happened?

New app update has MAJOR glitches. Cannot turn on switch to activate “neighbor spoofing” and app is making my iPhone go bonkers due to said errors/nonstop “go to phone settings” notifications. Please fix ASAP.


This guy actually messaged me with a message I cannot repeat. I said don’t call me, and just more profanity. Thank you guys, live RoboKiller killer❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great App

Easy to use. Effective in blocking spam and telemarketing calls. It save you time and time is money so it pays for itself I won’t be without it.


Some still get through. I already blocked so many #’s before app install so they’re not showing up

No good

Not worth the time or money. It is a hit and miss on calls with a miss on most. Trying to find out how to remove so not to be charged any more.

Worth every penny

I look forward to scammers calling me now because they get to deal with RoboKiller.


Wonderful for blocking unwanted calls, but I was expecting more recorded blocked calls. I got one so far 😒. My spam calls have dropped to almost zero. That’s the best part.

Love it.

It works. No more this is Donald Trump from US Pharmacy.

Still getting spam calls

This thing doesn't work! I am still receiving spam calls everyday!

It works!!

This might the best $50 I’ve ever spent!


It was nice at first but now it’s blocking calls from any number I don’t have programmed into my phone and it’s just aggravating at this point I tried deactivating my phone but it’s not letting me just cancel my subscription it still says my subscription renews next month. This app is just really annoying and doesn’t even block all spam calls I still get them all the time

I wish I’d signed up sooner

RoboKiller has given me my phone back. I was contemplating changing my phone number and even fantasizing about disabling voice services on my phone altogether. I was getting interrupted many times every day by robocalls and IRS scams. I tried AT&T’s call blocking app, which helped, but it missed some calls & became almost completely useless as dialers switched to neighbor spoofing. It also disables the ability to install any other blocking apps, which is super lame. I suffered longer than necessary because I didn’t want to pay a recurring subscription, but I now wish I’d done it sooner. This materially improved my life.

Best thing to ever happen to me

I was bombarded with telemarketers on a daily basis. I would receive calls back to back all hours of the day even after I signed up for the do not call list and even asked them to stop calling! It was a nightmare and so frustrating so I searched the web for something, anything that i could do to stop these pestering calls. It was then that I stumbled on RoboKiller, read the review and thought, “oh well, i have nothing to lose to at least try it.” Never did i expect it to work so well! The first day I tried it, it blocked all calls and gave me peace of mind. I don’t know the person behind this invention, but if i had the chance, I would kiss him/her because this product is the!!! Buy this product! It 100% works! It is worth the price, i have already shared it with my family and friends who also love it. Down load it today, I guarantee you will be so thankful for it.

Charged account without authorization total scam

Don’t download unless your ready to pay 33 dollars for a useless app

Peace of mind at last

Finally a product that really works, I am now able to pick my phone without any worries knowing the phone is not an annoying solicitor.👍👍


What an awesome app, this app has saved me tons of better time saved by not answering robocalls

Get this app

I was skeptical as to how many spam calls it would actually pick up but in just 3 days it has screened 15 calls at 100% accuracy. Even though the app fee is pricey, for me it is worth it. Not to mention the entertainment value of listening to the recordings that are made.


I paid for this service to block spam and unwanted calls, in the beginning it worked but for the past 17 days not one call have been blocked I’m still getting these calls all day and night I need my money refunded .

Something’s not right

Initially it intercepted all of my phone calls, and now it doesn’t intercept any of them. And then trying to find a recorded messages is a challenge because it no longer records to your phone with your regular messages, even if it’s somebody you know. It’s not doing what I paid for or expected. I’m not feeling this yet…

So so

The app worked great for about the first week but now it is missing more and more calls. I don’t see any real benefit to it as 95% of my spam calls are just recorded bots. I guess I should have subscribed for a month to try it out before jumping all the way in with a yearly subscription. After all the hype I’m just a little disappointed.

With every penny

Seriously! Thank you for this!

Super Funny But Impossible to Deactivate

I thoroughly enjoyed the app but am completely dissatisfied with the deactivation process. I apparently need to call AT&T in order to have it deactivated. Totally ridiculous.

Good product

Doesn’t catch all the calls to my phone prefix but sure catches most of them - I still get a few spam call but incidences are far less

Can’t hear what the callers hear.

Don’t know if there is a way. I’ve tried everything. I will try to figure during trial period.

Doesn’t work

Tried multiple times to get it to work but....nothing. Did everything the person on the chat support told me do and still nothing. Deleting the app and DO NOT want to be charged for it!


RoboKiller has answered a good number of calls for me. A couple I need to respond to but usually it’s those calls I hate. It’s great to hear that I’m so busy because I’ve been talking with aliens ....... or some other time eating chat to get my name removed.

My review

It’s ok when it works but don’t get all spam call

Love this app!!

I have tried many spam apps but this one is the best by far! I love all the answering options. Some of them are hysterical 😊 Thanks robokiller!!


Just installed and extremely easy to navigate and set up. Follow-up review later.

Great App

I Love this App, it’s well worth the yearly fee.

A great app that really works for those spam calls that are so ignoring

Thanks for the app worth everything to at least reduce some of the spam calls as a business owner

So far so good

Switched from another paid call blocker. RoboKiller is as great as all the recommendations say.

RoboKiller is a Lifesaver

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Good App

Small price to pay to keep these spammers from calling me. Feels very nice not to have the phone constantly ringing!


I really LIKE THIS PROGRAM. If the number Calling is NOT in my Contacts the Caller goes into my SPAM Files


This app has the best responses to spam callers, especially the live radio option which allows you to listen to recently intercepted spam calls. It works so well and is funny as hell.

Not what I expected

It’s blocking calls I need and ignoring ones that should be blocked, as in, they come through with no phone number or id at all. And there’s no way to block those w RoboKiller. It needs to improve for me to give it a higher rating.


I absolutely love this app. It's very efficient at blocking spam calls and identifying numbers that are a little suspicious. Plus spam calls can be answered by a bot and the call gets recorded. Definitely some funny calls so far. It's 100% worth the $3 a month.

Love it, but. . .

This has cut down on my spam and harassment calls tremendously, but I have to uninstall/reinstall about twice a week because it just quits working. Other than that, it’s the best I’ve found.

Love it!

I love using this product, it gives annoying spammers a taste of own medicine.

Love this App

Three years of none stop spammers calling several times during the day every day of the week. Now it’s one or two calls a week, wish the app would update more routinely but for now it has done a wonderful job


Love being able to hear the conversations with the spammers. Those darn Federal Student Aid calls! Love the app!!!


And it’s on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!! It works fantastic, absolutely love the answer bot. By far best App purchase of the year! Awesome App, keep up the good works RoboKiller Developers.



Update not working.

Avoid this app. The update that was just pushed out does not work. Keeps saying it needs to be enabled when its already enabled .😡


We should have an option to send an incoming call to the app. I still get spam calls.


OMG the best thing ever. Hate getting those random calls, u must have this app. Intercepts the call before u even get it. U get a badge to let u know u got a call. Sometimes playback is fun listening to the dumbas*** have a conversation with the recordings. Great idea, great app. Every once in awhile one gets thru, but they are always updating the app so no worries, just be aware. Good to listen cause some important calls can get directed to the app. U have that option to allow or block calls. Don’t need to miss the cable guy an reschedule.

Works Great!

Overall, this app has significantly reduced the number of robocalls I get. I would love the ability to disable notifications for certain callers that I’ve blocked that I know are bad but keep calling!

Love this a God sent

Love this

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